Poems about girl - A Tempered Tantrum Girl

A Tempered Tantrum Girl - Poem by Romeo Della Valle

Irene was her name,
Everyone knew about her strength
And we were nervously waiting for her...

We knew she was dangerous
And could cause tremendous damages
To our Cityscape...

We paid careful attention to details
Given to us by the weather's men
About her scaring approaching...

She was mad, mean and strong
And did not care
If we were children, old or young...

She was leaving her devastating traces behind
And New York City she was going to hit!
For human lives she got no regard
And only one mission she has in its mind...

From afar we heard her angered voice
And anxiously we got prepared
For an unwanted visitor to come...

The wind was carrying her message:
'I am coming' 'I am coming'
We had no other choice
But to get ready to face a naked truth...

The City's lights started blinking
Like a first sign of was coming...
We all suspected she was nearby
And got ready to face her fury...

A tremendous scaring sound
Vividly announced her presence
And we were left to the mercy of the Lord!
To taste the bitterness of the truth...

Rooftops flown away,
Trees knocked down to the streets
While neon signs dancing in Time Square
Like kites flying in the skies.

Felt was the pounding of the heavy rains
That almost drowned New York State!
New York came to standstill
But nevertheless, we all survived
With a few exceptions...

Now, it is time again to assess the damages,
Call the cleaning crews,
To restore services for subways and buses
And keep the city moving!
Today, only one thing remains to be said:
'Thank God, it could have been worst!
Love and Peace for always! ...

(Inspired by the hurricane IRENE...)

©All Rights Reserved-2011