Poems about girl - 6th Floor Girl

6th Floor Girl - Poem by Benjamin Feliciano

It has been said that honesty
Is more important than originality;
That being honest will honestly
Show to be more original than farce.
So will speak with brevity and no metaphor,
When I say I am endangering my heart.
There is a girl a year my junior,
Who I've been told is nothing of good news.
Yet, a chemistry I detect (though, is suspect)
Moves my forlorn soul to want
That which is said to be only love's coy taunt.
Confounding the most benign of intentions,
Damn these hypocritical conventions!
I lay in self-denial of desire,
But my chest is burning with a consistent fire.
Alas I will, perhaps for once, take advice,
Rather than commit myself (again) so readily to vice.
To the beauty I will never know,
Read these words in metered show.
See that I would weigh cost versus crush,
And likely continue questioning the probability of loss.
I enter my mind to seek restoration of balance,
I just ask that you recall our one dance.