Poems about girl - A Beautiful Stripper Girl

A Beautiful Stripper Girl - Poem by Lechelle Jones (01.24.91,D.C)

Im a beauty yes in deed
Men empty out they wallets
Just to take a peak

And no I don't come cheap
im not for sale
But I guess my body mite as well be

I make women jealous
cause their boyfriends love us

But its really not my fault.
See stripping is my hustle,
and its all I been taught.

I don't know nothing else that make me money like this,
So please don't judge me
Im just tryna feed my kids.

It was a summers night
And The boys where thirsty for girls,
I gave a lap dance to this fat guy with jery curls
He said if I dropped by he'd give me a lil more.
That's usually not my style
But that very morning my kids where crying hungry on the floor.

So I walked in.
Behind me he closed the door.
My heart dropped to my stomach....scratch that, it dropped to the floor.

He put his hands on my
Stomach then removed my shirt,
He was greasy, scruffy and ruff and his breath smelled like dirt.

I took a deep breath and let him contaminate my body.

You'r probly thinking I have no class,
But them dollar bills is all I can see.

Life don't come easy they say you got to work with what you got,
And because I got this body it helps me out a lot.

So he dose what he wants to me,
While I put on a show.
Slobing down my body,
I pray to God and wish to go.

He puts the money in my hand $500 to be exact.
Im feeling dirty but good that my apartment doesn't have to be packed.

Again you may say I have no class but please don't judge me.
A beautiful stripper girl is all I've been taught to be.