Poems about girl - **the Sweet Little Girl

**the Sweet Little Girl - Poem by Sadiqullah Khan

With prayers of innocence the sweet little girl
The smile in her eyes was as if an angel
Her round face with beaming radiance
Her hairs so done the way that’s casual

For me I know the day when it ends
I shall see her no sadder than that
In her gloom was the quest of the years
Will she see the beloved again in dreams

What is written on the flower lips naïve
I cannot leave her in the custody of nature
Universal soul might not be that tender
I would not have asked eternity for longevity

In growing emotion she saw herself
Flying into the clouds up to the skies
For some colors than were on the rainbow
May I ask her to hold my finger on the walk

We shall catch some butterflies this spring
We shall eat black berries in the summer afternoons
We shall then sit near the little spring under the tree
We shall then gaze into the setting sun for its hues