Poems about girl - A Boy Meets Girl

A Boy Meets Girl - Poem by Ronald Kerst

A Boy Meets A Girl

The night was young
and so was this fellow
When a young lady he happened to see.
They talked for awhile
and each of them smiled
as their hearts filled up with glee.

As the sun went down
o'er Georgetown,
The music began to play.
The evening was touched
by the songs that they loved,
Oldies from yesterday.

They danced hand in hand
Under the moon-lit skies,
Whirling and twirling
round and round
Looking into each others eyes.

A gift from above
You could tell it was love
As their lips met under the moon.
They couldn't resist
two silhouettes kissed
and the passion came from an old tune.

Like magic they danced
and with romance
they took chances while they are young.
A boy meets a girl
and she means all the world
too soon the night is done.

They became best of friends
got married along the way,
Cause they took a chance
as they found romance
and they are still dancing today.

Though they've added some years
loved through laughter and tears
Their love is easy to see.
As the vinyl spins
again and again...
The one still dancing is...me.