Poems about girl - A Tough Girl

A Tough Girl - Poem by Rianda Sulistyaningrum

Things can't be worsen than this.
If yes, I wish I have someone on my back.
And I know, I may have one, or I may not have any
I thought and I believe that I have lot of people support me.
However, there is none here on my side right now.
I wonder if it is just a bad time? It might be..
Or isn't it just my excuses to comfort myself? It could be.
Or is it just me, pretend to be alright?
Fear of being alone though in reality I am already alone?
I keep repeating: 'Man can be destroyed, but not defeated'
I am destroyed now, but I haven't been defeated yet.
I'm still alive and I refuse to let the world go on without my influence in it.
And will always be..