Poems about girl - This Girl

This Girl - Poem by jasmine ware

I met this girl
She understand how I feel deep inside
She knows the correct way to handle
She sees how much I cry
And has thee ability to actually realize that I hate to fight
She knows I’m truly hurt
She sees how much I try to change my life
She understands me
And she listens to my feelings
She explains the things I’m confused about
She solves my puzzled ness
And she ends my curiosity
I don’t feel lost when she’s there
And she makes me want to keep living
She tells me why I act like this
And she explains why people cause me to feel like this
She knows what will come of my future,
And she tells me I’m a success
She encourages me
And she shows me that she loves me
She wants suicide in my head
Only so I’ll realize that its not worth it
She knows how to fix my life
And she helps me fix it
She understands why I feel misunderstood at time
This girl understands me
She understands
Its like this girl is me
And I have to say
This girl really is me
I’m the only one that really understands