Poems about girl - Aam) The Origins, Amalfi And A Girl

Aam) The Origins, Amalfi And A Girl - Poem by Paolo Giuseppe Mazzarello

In Saint Andrew's Square the salty penetrates the nostrils of donna Pina.
In history the trends are so slow!
Among the maritime republics, one of them was exceptionally fine.
However it was so little independent and completely free only for a little time.
Amalfi was under the light Byzantine yoke,
Was a ducky of Campania friend with the Muslims,
In the end some other maritime republics finished it off.
Bysantium starts as Rome ends,
The world center became the East, the West was not it any more.
Bysantium ends as the world center moved beyond the Atlantic.
A man dreamed that he was on the beach,
His mom sadly told him that his nephew came back from an English lesson at the girl teacher's.
The man asked his mom the girl's name, then began running fast strong along the beach in search of the girl.
At a machine shop he met the May woman who confirmed the presence of the girl under the beach umbrella.
That man was not in Amalfi any more...