Poems about home - .........And The Bus Took Us Home

.........And The Bus Took Us Home - Poem by Ruth Walters

I saw him in the distance,
he looked so pale and old.
Of late the skin had thinned
and his eyes were not so bold.

I saw him in the distance,
and raced to catch him up
but I was still too slow
and soon ran out of puff.

He stopped just at the bus stop,
looking tired and frail.
Breathless I caught up with him
and took his arm with care.

'Hello dad', I spluttered
and kissed him on the cheek.
His skin felt paper thin,
and soft beneath my lips.

His eyes lit up to see me,
his worry lines relaxed,
then he smiled happily
and I smiled back.

The bus pulled up beside us,
we struggled to a seat.
I snuggled up to dear old dad,
who felt so good to me.

I chatted on quite merrily
‘til I noticed he was sleeping,
I tucked my hand right into his
and listened to him breathing.