Poems about home - A Beautiful Home

A Beautiful Home - Poem by hasmukh amathalal

It is my beautiful home
All friends visit and we welcome
We have lived here from the beginning
We have some sense of belonging

All the homes may have same set up
Some sort of attachment is built up
It is not confined to four walls alone
To own a home means half battle is won

You may have all sweet memories
It is possible that you have lived with miseries
You have little some satisfaction or solace
It may be tiny but still not less than a palace

It is lovely and beautiful home
You may have lovely feeling from
Windows and surroundings always offer
You feel some sort of satisfaction and never suffer

It is up to us how we make it or spoil
Maintain calm and cool and never to boil
Peace and happiness must always precede all
We should love to strive and make good call

Hell and heaven all can be made here
You don’t have to search it anywhere
It starts from your lovely heart
Home provides you good impetus to look smart