Poems about home - 5 Miles To Home

5 Miles To Home - Poem by David J Lindsay

When I'm out walking and hiking free
A milestone is often a friend to me
They're solid reminders of where you are
And t’ next point of interest, they tell you how far

But I’ve noticed something when around I do roam -
That I've never seen one that says '5 miles to Home'
I've seen '5 miles to Bradford' and 'Leeds - 5 mile'
But a '5 miles to Home' one, would make me smile

So I’ve looked for them everywhere, up and down vale
Searched each nook and cranny - but still I did fail
I had to ponder real hard and ask myself 'why? '
Surely a '5 miles to Home sign' in't pie-in-the-sky

So I dug out some map books - no sign there too
And that was the key, it gave me a clue
Of course! Those milestone makers had the nouse
Not to make signs sending all to their house

They avoided the chaos, they mastered their art
And they have won my admiration
And if we're wanting confusion, hassle and woes
We've got Satellite Navigation!