Poems about home - (2.41) Going Home

(2.41) Going Home - Poem by Karl Stuart Kline

The inspiration for this poem was in the story of Greek prostitutes kidnapped from Albania and forced to work as sex slaves until arrested and deported as illegal immigrants... It's not justice, but it's an escape - then again, maybe not...

It can’t happen,
Or so you thought,
But you’re finally saved!

From where you were,
Raped and beaten,
Selling yourself, enslaved...

They’ll send you back,
Alive and whole,
So you call your Mama,

Telling her that
You’ll be home soon,
Free from rape and trauma...

But then you know
Your memory
Of every detail

Will stay with you
For all your life
Until you’re old and frail

But now you’re free!
Leaving this place
And your family waits

You board the train
With your ticket...
Free again... It feels great!

There are others,
A bit older,
Who were enslaved like you

And you wonder,
Briefly, why they
Aren’t as happy as you

But now you’re free!
There’s the border!
At last you’re home again!

You’re so happy,
Until you see
Them waiting for your train...

Not family,
But your keepers,
Those who sold your body,

Who said that you’re
Nothing but meat,
Beaten raw and bloody...

You look around,
No place to go...
Police have disappeared...

You can’t escape,
They bring you back
And it’s all that you feared.

Yes, you’re back home...
Back in your box,
Let out now and again

To be cleaned up
And made pretty,
So you can entertain

The men who come,
Sick, twisted men,
Taking you as they please...

Where you had hope,
Now there is none...
You know it’ll never cease...