Poems about hope - 'Tis The Season Of Hope

'Tis The Season Of Hope - Poem by Eleonor Santiago

'Tis the season of hope
A season of merry dope
A carol of joy to all scope
A busy penny envelope

All busy giving gifts to many
All to dear love friends and family
All Jotting a list not to forget any
All expecting to receive how many

They too are busy
Laying hands for alms of penny
Counting the holes that clothed their body
Counting the stars how many
Instead of the food they don’t have any

Counting how many days
To survive without place to stay
To warm the skin with ice cold wind
To drink the fogs instead of coffee in mug
To wish to wake up and find solace and love

Its a season of love of joy of hope
But who would give these poor fellows a stop
To share a gift, a kiss and a hug
To make them feel God is Love

May all soul find the true meaning of this season
Not just to think and pray
But go out and reach and celebrate with gay
To the least of the brothers may your love stay