Poems about hope - A Soldiers Wifes Dream Of Hope

A Soldiers Wifes Dream Of Hope - Poem by Karie Tyler

His dream was loving only one to love. War was the game we played when we were kids.

Now he's on the battle field. Fight to live. Only to dream what is to Be.

She lays awake wondering where he is. She wishes he was there to hold. Soldiers Dream alive.

3a.m wake of silence. She dreams one last shot. After battle is At End.
Was he the soldier to Fall?

She prays he is alive. it is only a dream of Fear. She gets the call he is alive the soldiers Dream still alive,

Time has come war is Grounded.The Love united. The Soldiers Dream Now to be. She cries A Soldiers Home and to be with me.

Untied we shall stand and support We will give. Until the last soldier is here.