Poems about hope - A Fools Hope

A Fools Hope - Poem by JamesSmith Ericsson

He met her when the leaves were green, nothing could happen then. The ice was getting thinner underneath their feet. By this time they were going away, new places awaited. He didn't give it much thought.

The leaves began to wilt. And with them, his love for her. The ice, ever thinner, began breaking with the strain.
'I won't see you' she says, not realising that with this one step, the ice is crashing apart.

By the time the winter comes and he returns the ice has all but gone from beneath them. All he has is a fools hope. A hope that he can get to the edge.

He collapses once he's out. His lungs burning, he dives back in, again he returns hurt more, all hope for her gone. The green leaves return. Never in his life has he known anything like this. And like a fool he rushes in.

Immediately he knows what a fool he's been. That Christmas period just that little bit too long, not long enough to know her, but long enough to never know her.

For two months now, nothing but the thought of how much of a fool he's been has filled his head. These memories thrashing about his head, he is paralysed. Knowing what needs to be done, but not being able to do anything.

A blue shell he lies. Still, cold, and empty. Knowing that nothing can replace that for which he hopes.

A fools hope.