Poems about hope - A Daring Hope

A Daring Hope - Poem by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

My pain grows and my heart sinks,
When far away in the sky a star blinks,
The star of my life is about to sink,
And when about it I impatiently think,
I grow restless with the heat of sentiments,
My vivacity departs and my soul bends,
I pray to God for being merciful,
When I go to Him with my accounts sinful,
I couldn't do my duty towards Him,
The prospects of my acquital is dim,
I live my life in earning n spending,
All my good deeds are still pending,
I have reached on the sharp turn of life,
I don't know when I will end this strife,
The world is drawing me towards it,
It seems I will not get respite a bit,
I came in this world but all alone,
My loneliness has forever gone,
I am crushed under the burden of ties,
I don't know where my destination lies,
Friends and foes are alike to me,
Both wound me with emotional glee,
I hope God will realize it in that session,
And allow me a pleasant and fair concession.