Poems about lonely - Only Lonely

Only Lonely - Poem by Ramona Thompson

So happy
Always together
Long distance lovers
Hangin' by the telephone
I was your angel
You were my sweet music man
Then came the boom
It shook the room
Amber was her name
Not just another crush you told me
This time it was real love
Now I'm hurt
Now I'm doing my best
Just tryin' to get myself over you


I'm only lonely
Without you here
Only lonely
Don't wanna cry
But think I'm gonna have to shed a tear
Cause I'm only lonely
Tonight when you're making love to her
Things just can never the same
Cause you left me alone
Only lonely without your love

Your smiling face
Those pretty blue eyes
That had me so mesmerized
Now they're all that I can see
All that I can remember
In my broken heart's eye
Together as one still
The way it was
Before her name was the one
You could't live without
Hurts so bad
When is gone out the door


The treasure you found
Now becomes yesterday's trash
That's how you've made me feel
Flyin' so high
High on lovin' you
Then came your lies
They cut my wings
And I fell
Right into Hell
Cause living has to be
Without you
Empty inside now that....


A woman once in love
Becomes a woman scorned
Midnight Ike
That was your name
Won't make that mistake again
Lovers gone wrong
Heart's broken in two
By a friendly betrayal
Did't think you did any wrong
All you wanted was someone closer
So you threw away
The best damn thing you ever had