Poems about lonely - Sunshine Lonely

Sunshine Lonely - Poem by Chris G. Vaillancourt

Sunshine has changed its colour, from yellow
to black to yellow again. Living goes on and
so I live. That is what I do from episode to
episode. The tingling are the nerves, coming
to awareness again. Knowing they can be
attracted to another perspective. One thing
odd that still plagues my thoughts, I'm
sunshine lonely.

Like the sun I shine in brilliant glows of
never-ending warmth. Exterior views only
please and you would see a politically
correct persona. A vibrant human face
that clucks its appropriate gestures.

Still, this is as said exterior, not the
single view that edifies perception. We
are all images of people we want to be.
I am no different in this and so I shadow
myself within this frame and let no
one know I am sunshine lonely.

A hand may be shaken and a smile
might illustrate contentment, but truly
only me, myself and I would realize
the futility of digressing. Are you any
more aware of self then I when
stuck behind a curtain of creation?

You shall see what I have chosen you
to see. Everyone knows this is the true
reality. Everybody knows this is the
secret of surviving in a clogged drain
holding back the waters of purification.

I won't let them flow over me! No ritual
bath of alertness shall be allowed to
become my definition! Instead I shed
the truth for futile pieces of puzzled
looks offset by body language of denial.

I am sunshine lonely. A small wind
escaping from my eyes seeking a
vision to keep me from falling asleep
to my devotions. Like the sun I shine
in heavy tones and let the bleak
scatter into the shadows of something
whispered but never said aloud.