Poems about lonely - Awakening For The Lonely

Awakening For The Lonely - Poem by Vision Ghost

This exhaustion that befalls me, as all I can think of is her
Why did this invoking come, to such an emotion to occur
In a state of conflict, struggling from the heart to the mind
Wishing destiny to set me free, from a struggle so unkind

That I do see each day, and for each night I foresee a face
That embellishes itself, as an image so crystal in her grace
But never knowing of these words, to speak so I may love
So I may open my heart, as the wings of the loneliest Dove

Enwrapped within myself, so wishing these arms were hers
Fogged by her captivating presence, deeply something stirs
Enticed by the motion, of some false hope that I’ve conjured
That so lets me face the day, again unfeeling of the nurtured

So wanting for the way, to bridge her ocean from my world
Thus I may step across, and be united in her heart and mine
But for now I am forever acknowledged, as this spectator
Of her every step and word spoken, slave to fates dictator

As a wave that rises to be, and yet crashes down in longing
To somehow be the one, of many voices lost in reckoning
Loosing myself once more, in these visions of the probable
But forever falling back again, unto a future so impossible

As I am looking out at colder forests, and deeming this path
So many infinite ways to loose a soul, in a frustrated wrath
To only stand and watch her world, fly so far away from me
Please? Wouldn’t she take my heart in hand and forever see?

The flurry of daily people, always, forever blocking my way
Thinking forward of false pastures, to that of a different day
In my awakened dreams I can hold her, only in that fantasy
To always return to truth; very lost in this social complexity

I could be the man to capture her, but therefore she must fall
And for this I wish not, as I only live to hear her loving call
Her voice that will never speak my name, in passions throes
Moments within time shall be lost, as so shall I in softly woes