Poems about lonely - Fall Down, Lonely

Fall Down, Lonely - Poem by zheung kyuhkoh

i know youve been lying all this time on me,
im just too naive to let you see
its been hurting me, a lot of times already
and i dont know if you and i can let it heal.

ive fallen down with this agony
been crying a lot just to see if its still worthy
been confused, loosing grip
should i still continue being like this?

do you feel my existence here?
do you mind loosing me, is there any fear?
will you keep on pushing me away?
do you want us to separate our ways?

if you could just be the man that you supposed to be
if you could just let me be the girl you wanna be with
a lot of if's, a lot of fights, a lot of differences thats what we have
but its just the fact, were really trap with that.

so, i dont know, i cant feel, is this the kind of relationship that you want us to be?
so tiring, so fearful, so difficult, is this what you wanna be?
iloveyousomuch, but i dont want this to kkeep on happening
youve been loosing, ive been loosin you, weve been loosing this relationship already...