Poems about lonely - Alone But Not Lonely

Alone But Not Lonely - Poem by tinashe severa

Heart hardened, soul purified,
like desert sands i have fought worldly rain,
torchered and scarred, through it all i felt no pain,
floating along like a msasa leaf in wales,
noticed by no one, caring about no one,
stepped on, no compassion forthcoming,
alone but not lonely ,
i have watched the clock strike, move
calendars torn off, walls crumbling
images of funerals, heart warming eulogies for my parents,
recited over and over again,
tears never shed,
my prayers have always been heard,
smiling at frustrations, hand me downs piled in bags,
always quick to move from sufferers of the dreaded condition,
...A.I.D.S orphan allergies,
stigmatised, was it my fault, my doing
the victim, the murderer, the sufferer, the orphan,
too many roles, just one poor child
one soul and one heart