Poems about love - .5. True Love

.5. True Love - Poem by David Threadgold

Arrows flying always trying
Cupid’s love no one is buying
Hearts are bleeding hair receding
Loves helping hand someone is needing

Now we’re older we get bolder
Beauty in your eyes beholder
Always teasing often pleasing
Chased to hard and now I’m wheezing

No more speaking bedsprings squeaking
Knees and elbows, back is creaking
But as normal tried my best
Now so tired I need to rest

In the morning daylight dawning
Hard to stop myself from yawning
Scraggy hair cold hard stare
No words said but so aware

Cupid’s arrow missed its mark
Hit the dog and made him bark
The dogs in love so that is that
But I wish he’d leave the poor old cat

© 2008 David Threadgold
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