Poems about love - , A Bauble Of Love

, A Bauble Of Love - Poem by Louise Tredoux

The lattice work of beautiful words
you have woven in my heart,
enclosing my mind in a bauble of
love, diaphanous, but tough,
your words playing like the sweetest
melody in my head, forming my
smile, infusing my laugh, giving me
wings, making me fly, I’m burning
inside, I want to jump and shout, tell
everyone love is about, feelings
are bubbling in me, asking myself
who adores whom most, could you
adore me more than I adore you?
Impossible, though the love you’ve
shown, the way you held me while
you sang a song of love makes me
think of unfathomable depths, becomes
the most overpowering mythology –
experience too wonderful to contaminate
with the routine descriptions of reality