Poems about love - , I Expected Love

, I Expected Love - Poem by Louise Tredoux

I expected love – and you came, the details
turned out differently but with Abraham I can
say the vibrational essence was the same, I
dreamed about dark, curly hair – and you are
blonde, I dreamed about dark, brooding eyes
and yours are blue

I dreamt about a deep velvet voice, and you sing
like a contrabass, more heavenly than I could ever
suspect, I dreamt about understanding – and you
see more than I knew there was – I dreamt about
love, little bits of love – and you brought more
love than I can ever understand

You are so much more, with more enchantment
more magic, more humour, more happiness, than
I was able to visualize, reality is better than any
dream, you are larger than any little hope and
small expectation I have ever cherished – it
would seem, you are an angel yourself

And I love you so much!