Poems about love - ! And Meanwhile Love

! And Meanwhile Love - Poem by Michael Shepherd

Waking in the dream-tossed night, I knew you harmed
a thousand miles away in suffering’s dark storm;

so only love

pain comes no easier when it comes again,
the closing and the parting, pain

so simply love

I would it did not come to you,
but come it does, makes true untrue

and meanwhile love

the salt sea breaks on fate's dark reef,
the tears are salt, bring no relief

so only love

all things may pass as summer rain;
I cannot promise aught of pain

but meanwhile love

my heart beats fast, your heart’s repair
not mine to give; I here, you there;

so only love

there seems no sense when innocence
lacks reason as its last defence

yet always, somewhere, love

(for both of you)