Poems about love - ! Anna - The Story Of A Love

! Anna - The Story Of A Love - Poem by Michael Shepherd

The Indians say
that the eater is the eaten.

We caught each other's eye
across a crowded room...
she with her mates,
but blushed in my direction...
and when I looked at her,
she glowed
and I glowed.

She too was ripe for passion.
We couldn't be kept apart;
later in the privacy of my room
my lips sought her unsullied bloom,
the irresistible downiness of her young skin
and soon that soft skin
was moist with passion
as we consumed each other,
and were subsumed in unity.

Now I have died two deaths from love:
first consumed by desire, then
consumed by pleasure.

What a peach she was.

Hey, seize the moment -
there's another in the bowl.