Poems about love - , Life Is Music And Love

, Life Is Music And Love - Poem by Louise Tredoux

Listening to Cavaliera Rusticana, Rudi’s
favourite, I don’t know it well, male voices
like hobos and flutes, golden shine in the
brown hues, silver sopranos flashing in deep
ocean water, the music calls for conducting
moving to the music, Rudi’s arms around me

I love him, love the music, vibrantly alive, a
celebration of life, rhythm and notes bring
love to me, music enclosing everything, a
framework that confers meaning, Rudi’s
voice a velvet cloth in which he wraps me
safely, soft, warm, caressing my heart

Spinning a safety net, catching me when I
fall into nightmares, building a bulwarks
against fear for the future, against the pain
of being born sinful, being incomplete – he
brings completion and infinity, the most
wonderful feeling of security, music and

Harmony, I fly on your music, swaying to
the beat, life is music and love to me…