Poems about love - , Light Of Truth And Love

, Light Of Truth And Love - Poem by Louise Tredoux

Sunday night without Rudi, the day fine
without him, dreamed about my heroine,
now it’s late, my visions are gone, my arms
empty, only his presence keeps me safe,
without him doubts about myself assail my
soul, I’m searching for reassuring thoughts,
want to stop fearing my ability to make a
mess when he’s not around, wanted to
share my dreams with him, wanted to
give him the love I feel …

Ah, Rudi returned, fulfilled my dreams…
How different everything is with Rudi home!
How I glow, how exciting life becomes within
the circle of his love, how beautiful passion
is, how warm being together like this, how
wonderful to escape from my fears into the
light of the truth and love he brings with him,
how delightful to take care of the one I love,
how glad I am that I missed him so much,
so that his return brings me more joy than

Anything else in life…