Poems about love - ! The Poems I Love

! The Poems I Love - Poem by Michael Shepherd

There are poems that I envy,
poems that I admire and respect,
poems that simply sing to me,
poems that I puzzle over…

but the poems I most love -
they may be jewelled and adorned
with adjectives and adverbs,
similes and metaphors, (but
they must be enlightening, relevant,
making mind and heart to expand
in sheer exhilaration)

or they may be so quietly, humbly carpentered
that they say, I’m simply here to serve you…

but they all say to me with
shining eyes, as if
the world made new in that moment,

‘Yes, I was there!
Join me there! ’

and their ‘there’ is here and now
and as great as the universe
and the heart that yearns.