Poems about love - ...Almost True Love

...Almost True Love - Poem by Snowboarding Dude

You are my passion and desire
my flames to a wild fire
I want to live the rest of my life with you
and wake up to that lovely smile that you do
but I think we both wish
that it is as simple as this
for we live different lives
and gave it so many tries
I would make changes for you
if I only really knew
if you truely love me
it might sound weird, but see
I like you, you like me, thats for sure
but i need to know a little more
if i kissed you right now
how would this make you feel, how?
would you love me tomorrow, the next day
if I were to die tomorrow what would you say
at my funeral, would you cope and eventually move on
or would you just pass by and say 'so long'
but if I make these changes to keep us together
what's to stop us from saying 'good-bye' forever
college is around the corner, along with our different careers
but please, my beloved, wipe up your falling tears
God, now I'm starting to cry...
why must I say this, oh God why?
my glamorous jewel, my white, radiant dove
I'm sorry to say, that this is...almost true love