Poems about love - . Late Of Love

. Late Of Love - Poem by Mary Havran

Love came late
Or, I came late to Love

There I’ve said it.

For years
I averted my eyes
From lacy Valentines in stores
And bouquets wrapped in cellophane
Tied with pink satin bows

Love was
a four letter word
Never dared
Not even in a whisper
Whispers belonged to lovers

Love Shined
Brightly in the spotlights
On wedding couples dancing
Love Glowed
Softly in the Moonlight
Flickering of candlelight
On tables where
Lovers dined

Love inhabited the fringes
I did not get to hold it
Only brush against it briefly
In the homes of those
Who had already
Heard it knocking
On their hearts

I did not look for Love
I did not hide from Love
I did not wait for Love
Perhaps I did not even
Hope for Love

Love came late
Not shouting
Not leaping
Not looking to move mountains
Only tapping softly on my shoulder
As I tapped away
at my keyboard

Love came late
But bringing with it all
Love ever had to offer
Asking only
For my open heart