Poems about love - .17 Love

.17 Love - Poem by Daniel Cobb

I've never been in love before;
I don't know what I was waiting for.
You shared your secrets and your dreams too;
I never thought I'd meet someone like you.0
Set your soul free, letting it fly higher;
Then you will find your heart's true desire.
Open up your heart - let me come inside;
But you don't have to run and hide if you stand by my side.

I know it's true, cuz I can't tell a lie;
I fell in love with you - I don't know why.
When I see you, it makes me want to cry;
I can't look away - I won't even try.
It's not a mystery. I think it's plain to see;
You're the best thing that ever happened to me.
I've tried to tell you what you mean to me;
Heaven and earth flee from your infinite beauty.

I could never forget the moment we met;
We're on our way to heaven, but we're not there yet.
Once in a lifetime, there comes a love so true;
A kiss of bliss so beautiful it lasts a lifetime through.
You're the light of my life that's pure and strong,
The missing part of my heart I've needed so long.
The beginning is the best place to start;
I'll love you forever with all my heart.

Our faith is an eternal claim,
Melted together and forged from the same flame.
It's a sacred vow to live life together;
An enduring ember always and forever.
Like a flower in a garden bends toward the sun,
Your petals unfold and open one by one.
Springing up under the same sun,
We live our lives as if barely begun.

I was searching everywhere;
Then I saw you standing there.
And as I watch, I start to stare;
How can I show her that I care?
Just to be near her another day,
I'm gonna be just a prayer away.
Can she hear me whisper to her?
Does she know how much I miss her?

Your eyes are like stars in the sky;
We have a love that will never die.
Now our hearts have become whole,
One in body, mind, and, soul.
You were here with me from the start,
Right from the first beat of my heart.
A friend who's true like you is rare;
I know you'll always be there.

There's nothing I would rather do
Than spend my whole life loving you.
You are a dream come true, my dear;
All I want is to be right here.
I want to wake up in your arms,
Chasing away your fears.
I want to keep you from all harm,
Wiping away your tears.

I just want you to know
That I’ll never let you go.
Don't fall in love too fast;
Make every moment last.
Say you love me - tell me you care;
Promise that you'll always be there.
That's all you have to do
To make my wish come true.

Life can get intense;
It's hard to understand,
But it seems to make sense
Each time I hold your hand.
I love the way you talk to me,
And seem to understand.
I feel like my life is complete
Each time I hold your hand.

But the best thing about you
Is knowing you agree;
I can't live without you,
And you can't live without me.
I want to tell the world I found
Someone who turned my life around.
When I’m with you, I feel so strong;
Now I know my heart can’t be wrong.

I love the way
You're so thoughtful and kind.
You know what I'm about to say;
It's just like you can read my mind.
Of all the people I've met,
You're the one I can't forget.
As I get to know you, I find
You are one of a kind.

I look back over the years
To see how far I've come and grown;
Take a trip down memory lane,
And what I see has shown…
If I could be just half the person
You've been to me,
Then you have taught me well, dear friend,
For in my heart, I see.

Every night, I think about you;
Life isn't the same without you.
I wish I was back in your arms,
Holding you tight like I used to.
When I think of you, I can't sleep;
The thought of your smile makes me weep.
Nothing could ever take your place;
To see your face - feel your warm embrace.

When I was hurt, you took my hand.
I was so confused - you helped me understand.
You were there when I couldn't stop crying,0
When I thought all my dreams were dying.
I was lost, but then you found me,
And wrapped your arms around me.
No words were said, our lips just met;
Nothing could be better, I bet.

We slept all day - stayed up all night;
Talking to each other until the morning light.
Over time, our love grew strong;
I'm back in your arms where I belong.
So take me in your arms once more;
Hug me like you did before.
Just tell me that you love me so;
Hold me - never let me go.

I should be happy, but I'm sad instead;
Lying in the dark, remembering what you said.
You meant no harm by saying I love you; 0
But the others lied - what if you did too? 0

I might just give my heart to you;
But first, I have one favor to ask of you.
I know my love is true, so here's a clue;
What if you don't love me the way I do?

I always believed that if wishes come true,
I'd have a chance to start over again with you.
I know if you tell someone, your wish might not come true,
But this is one secret I can't keep from you.

I never got a chance to tell you how I felt;
Every time I think of you, it makes my heart melt.
I never told you how much I care for you,
Or that I'll always be there for you.

It drives me mad;
I'd kiss you if I could.
I want you so bad,
But you're just too good.
Girl, can't you see?
You mean so much to me;
But if I set you free,
Would you come back to me?

If I fall in love with you,
Will you promise to be true?
I'd have to be sure from the start,
And know the truth deep in my heart.
Do you want to fall in love forever,
And make my dreams come true?
I can see the two of us together;
Let me be the one to hold you!

According to my calculation,
You are the other side of the equation.
I knew I was missing something;
Without you, I'm nothing.

Although I'd hate to be refused,
At times like these, I'm so confused;
There is a chance my heart will break,
But that's a chance I have to take.

Let me slip a secret in your ear;
I'll whisper the words you long to hear.
You don't know what you've been missing;
Come closer - I'll show you something.

A smile's like a magic spell;
It costs so little - it works so well.
You kept me warm when I was cold;
I'm glad I had a hand to hold.

You are my desire;
My heart beats for you alone.
You're the burning fire
I can't start on my own.

My heart knows only
If you leave, I'll be lonely.
You feel so close, and yet so far;
I just want to be where you are.

Remember when we fell in love?
The stars were shining up above.
When our eyes met, somehow the stars aligned;
I'll never forget how they shined.

We were meant to be from the start;
I may not be brave, strong, or smart,
But I know deep down in my heart,
That nothing can keep us apart.

For now, all I can do is pray;
There's so much I wanna say.
We'll find a way to be together someday,
And dream all the darkness away.

I have to tell you how I feel;
I won't play games. I'll keep it real.
I won't let you walk away
Without hearing what I've gotta say.

How many tears does it take
To get to the center of your heart?
I've been wandering through this maze,
Led around in circles right from the start!

You left me here with a broken heart;
Because of you, my whole world fell apart.
You were the one holding me together;
Now that you're gone, I'll be lost forever.

I'm nothing without you;
You're the only one for me.
I can't imagine life without you;
I don't know where I'd be.

You look so cute - you start to blush;
I can tell that you have a crush.
You look lovely when you cry,
So I sit, stare, and sigh.

To get you, men would act like fools;
To reach you, I'd break all the rules.
Your eyes mock the diamond's blaze,
Glowing with radiant rays.

What can I say? What can I do,
To prove that I'm in love with you?
Baby, won't you be my one and only?
I just wanna see you happy!

I've been looking everywhere,
But I can't find you anywhere!
Do you even know how much I care,
How often I've wished that you were there?

Have we ever wanted to meet,
Knowing alone we can't be complete?
But then decided not to try,
And later wondered why?

Have we known each other before?
Perhaps we'll meet again once more.
Then there may be another day
Perhaps sometime, someplace, someway?

If you need me, just call my name;
Can't you see how we're both the same?
You've been a very good friend to me,
But I'm afraid that's all you'll ever be!

Just seeing you smile
Makes my life worthwhile,
But seeing you cry
Makes me wanna die.

I want to be with you;
Oh, I miss you so much.
The sweet sound of your voice,
And the thought of your touch.

And when we meet,
My heart will skip a beat.
Here's all I have to say;
Your love takes my breath away.

One moment with you
I will never forget;
The closest to heaven
I've ever been yet.

If I can't get you back,
I'll have a heart-attack.
For if this love is fake,
I fear my heart will break.

You saved me before,
But you can't anymore.
I've been lost for so long
I don't know where I belong.

There is a truth no lie can kill;
I'll get you back - I swear I will.
I've got to get you back somehow;
That's all that matters to me now.

I lost you once, a long time ago;
Not all hope was gone then.
There is one thing I know;
I won't let it happen again.

If you can find the key,
I'll let you in my heart,
But it won't be very easy;
You can tell from the start.

In the kingdom of my heart,
In the fortress of my mind,
I'm growing even stronger
With each missing piece I find.

I have to wait and see
What the future holds for me.
But now at last, I see it's true;
The last part of my heart is you.

I know that we were meant to be,
So find the key and set me free.
Please help put me back together,
Before I'm lost forever.

Love is like a fire
That you can't control,
Deeper than any desire,
Burning in your soul.

Love isn’t love when it demands
That the other understands.
For if love comes by force,
It may lead to a divorce.

Whether it is peace or war,
We know what we're fighting for.
Love or lust is what we think;
Whether by blood or by ink.

True love isn't temporary;
Lust is there momentarily.
Though pleasure is passing,
Love is eternally lasting.

I'll be a fool for you;
My love for you is blind.
This much I know is true;
You are one of a kind.

I don't know why I feel this way;
Don't make me change my mind.
I'll come away with you someday,
Leaving my heart behind.

The future is unclear
Without you standing here.
I've lost you somehow,
But there's no turning back now.

It is true what they say,
That love is blind?
But I like it that way,
I start to find.

I've loved you for so long,
But I know my heart can't be wrong.
I know this love is true,
So I will wait for you.

And as your one true love,
I will wait to the end
To see if you will be
More than just a good friend.

I don't want to love someone
And then they die;
I don't want them to leave
Without ever knowing why.

As long as we still have each other,
I know that we'll get by;
I'll love you until
The day I die.

Rise up my love,
Come away with me.
Spread out your wings and fly;
Let me set your soul free.

Hold onto my hand;
Then you will understand.
Spread your wings - you can fly;
Go on - give it a try.

I would rather die
Than live without you;
I’ll show you why,
I can make all your dreams come true.

So come with me;
We must flee away
And seek hope before it's lost;
It may return someday.

You look so fine;
Will you be mine?
I'm not ready yet;
We just barely met!

What did I do,
To make you sad?
Please tell me;
It can't be that bad!

I feel so dumb;
My brain went numb.
Now I can't speak;
My knees went weak.

I'm crazy about you;
Is this love true?
Don't worry, my dear;
We're all mad here!

I would do anything
To prove my love is true.
No matter what happens,
I will be there for you.

Every time we touch,
It makes my heart race.
Each time I close my eyes,
I see your face.

And with this kiss,
I seal my vow
To love you forever
As I do now.

Deep down I feel
This love is real.
You feel it too;
I know you do.