Poems about love - ...Tempered Echos Of Love

...Tempered Echos Of Love - Poem by Johan Fourie

Capricious vagabond, so then I must be
Ignorant Lamb for the slaughter, so the object of my Love must be

Echoing whispers of disapproval and caution
....pouring forth as the blistering bone marrow cold frost onto love

...no value the road we have come or the temper realised by life's hammering blows
...and of no value our intuitive appreciation of magnanimous and glorious love found

So then will we heed caution of the envious, fearful, insecure and cautious?
Or will we in our exhilaration yield impulsively to loves ecstasy like gluttonous fools.... tempered wisdom?

...precious Love, me's think the latter
Love! I beg thee to let me taste every miniscule morsel of the ecstasy of love

....and precious the tempered wisdom guiding our quest
...for love to fill the cracks and gullies eroded by pain in our souls

If you then want so my love.....
...I will be your capricious vagabond?

To love thee timelessly henceforth, beyond known boundary- or limit
...and every breath echoing I love thee