Poems about love - ..... My Love

..... My Love - Poem by Joshua Gallatin

A suppressed past, blocked behind a sturdy wall
Hurt that left me far away, hidden from
Something that truly meant it all
How do you turn from a friend to a lover?
When I’ve always been in love
Can’t automatically change feelings when
You’re just told to change
I left it behind and looked it away
Spent to much time with out the feeling
A distance is what I needed to forget my thoughts
When I returned and knocked down the barriers
Hoping those feelings had changed
Only the old came rushing my way
I want more than before and the need has grown
To be close to you stuck at the front of my mind
But do you feel different for good or bad
My situations have changed and my family has grown
It’s still missing one thing
To have you as my home
Please heed my thoughts and feelings for you.
I have missed what we’ve had and what we could be
For ever I’ve loved you and this will never change
Before I’ve asked for your love and gave you my heart
And I’ll ask you again and again
Please love me, and believe me when I say
I love you