Poems about love - . Here Is Love

. Here Is Love - Poem by lovita j r morang

. here is love
tell me
the moment
that you
wrapped that much of love
and left

never to return
never returned

tell me

when I was
so near to you
and I failed
to notice

I am amazed
To find
This love
This feelings
In your absence

Feelings to see love
Through every love
Through every moment
Here is love

And feel sad
When people fight

Amidst that fight
And fighters
I see you
And fight gets over
I hear
You say
Here is love

A flock of birds
Just fly passed
And disappeared
All in one direction
Leaving behind emptiness in the sky
Leaving behind emptiness in my mind

Like you
To all directions

And from all these directions
Returns to me
Love in million forms
That reflects through me
Of the love
you left
And then
you left

here is love

now I can feel
the togetherness that filled the emptiness in the sky
the thoughts that filled the emptiness of in my mind

of the birds that disappeared
how they
Gathers Strength
Through togetherness

There was
The same love
In their togetherness
In their strength
That they left
Me to feel more togetherness with you
Me to feel more strong without you

Here is love

This is what
We fail to feel
That can keep
Any forms of living being
Any forms of death
Live again

Here is love for us