Poems about beautiful - Altogether Too Beautiful

Altogether Too Beautiful - Poem by Robert Rorabeck

It doesn't take so very long to surrender
Yesterdays echoes the very tit teaming at the very gates
Of another echinopsis of Disney World—
While then, all of the boys are already dissolved
And making a Peabody out of our very own imaginations:
Here is the very strange swill that they are left to
Suspect without the nights alone or the admirations of
It is a very beautiful journey across a void where the
Voluptuous ships seldom often have to correct themselves,
And that is why that out of anywhere I have to end of here:
Even if it is strange, enveloped in the graduation of-
Your young night—it doesn't always have to end up
That way—a million volumes of echoes mean the same
Thing—that the baseball team or the football team
Has won, eventually—and you are so busy,
Enveloping yourself into the echoes that fall so far
Beyond my fingertips, that the other world also all of
A sudden awakens and spontaneously
Becomes altogether too beautiful to be explained.