Poems about beautiful - A Dream So Beautiful

A Dream So Beautiful - Poem by Louise Tredoux

Without words, quite overcome,
came across something so divine,
fragile and beautiful, can’t speak,
can’ t enunciate, want to cry with
the wonder of it all, maybe music
could give relief to my feelings,
this wonderful feeling has taken
power of expression away, I need
to cry with the wonder and glory
of it all, my heart is burning, only
tears hold the promise of full relief,
this is too wonderful for general
symbols like words, I can’t move,
staring at the wonder of something
I adore, feel like sobbing for a day
and night, I never knew so much
delight was possible, so much feeling
could be fighting for room in my
breast, my heart is clogging my
chest, my mind keeps screaming
impossible while my imagination
fights back with the belief that every
thought that has ever been thought
is alive somewhere, this probability
does exist and will for evermore,
I love the idea so much - I’m reduced
to helpless tears, not strong enough to
hold on to such a high fantasy without
succumbing to fears that a dream so
beautiful can never appear before me,
to assimilate it, I’ll have to break it down…