Poems about beautiful - A Gate Called Beautiful

A Gate Called Beautiful - Poem by Royston Allen

There is a gate called Beautiful
from which they heard the cripple's call
and silver and gold could never repay
the healing that he received that day.

'Look at us', to him Peter and John said
and gave not money but healing instead.
Reaching out to him they took his hand
and the crippled man began to stand.
Then walking and leaping he was healed
and the mighty power of Jesus' was revealed.


I've found a place even more beautiful
a place where everyone can come and call.
To buy without money for the price was paid
when the awfulness of sin on Jesus was laid.

For on a cross at that place called Calvary
the love of God is shown for us all to see.
I came to that cross all crippled with sin
and the blood of Jesus cleansed me within.
Reaching out to me He took my hand
and this sin crippled man is able to stand.

Based on Acts 3: 1-10