Poems about beautiful - Amazingly Beautiful

Amazingly Beautiful - Poem by Tamsyn Leigh Isaacs

If only I could Touch your face with my hand
Smell your natural scent with my nose
Listen to your angelic voice with my ear
Use my lips to utter what I want you too hear
Feel ur hand wit my fingers
Wrap my arms around you, I could
Till your heart allows me to do tht, I would
Cause what you are is Amazingly Beautiful
Although I've known you for not too long
You have become that person too me
The one that I miss mostly day by day.
Who has been lingering through my mind
Blasted through my soul
And shot straight to my bricked built heart
Aiming for hope and possibility
I might not sing the finest melody
Have the most rhythmic feet
Make the funniest of jokes
See the world as your eyes perceive it
But here I am
I will do Anything for you my perfect stranger
Remain a friend
Become more
Cause I'm Yours