Poems about beautiful - A Lie Is Really Beautiful

A Lie Is Really Beautiful - Poem by Akhtar Jawad

If someone says I love you my dear,
Come on my love too close and near.

I shall bring stars from the distant sky,
I shall make you a fairy and you'll fly,
I shall live for you and for you I shall die.
Why don't you react why don't you reply,
In a manner like a colorful pretty butterfly,
While kissing a rose, is at all not shy,

You are so pretty so lovely so charming,
You are so appealing and so much warming.

Your silky hair your deep blue eyes,
Just like clouds in the high blue skies,
Restless is my heart, for your petals like lips,
And dreams for the joy of sailing in the ships.
The ships that sail to your lovely beach,
Where lessons of love like waves you teach,
Flower like palms and the rounded arms,
You've amazing beauty and exciting charms.

You are so lovely and so much are exciting,
Your cheeks are attractive and your face inviting.

From head to foot your body is a wave,
Beauty your mate and attraction your slave,
Nothing to ignore all you have I should have,
Why don't you're bold and a little more brave,
And like a girl you speak and behave,
You've made me insane you've made me a knave.

You know it well that, in toto, it's a lie,
You smile and say how lovely is this guy!

(I have edited this poem and changed a few objectionable lines but I think the original poem was a little more beautiful)