Poems about nature - A Mystical Harmony In Nature

A Mystical Harmony In Nature - Poem by Jayaprakash Raghavan Pillai

As I was reclining in the fishermen’s swinging seat,
By the side of an Island sea shore,
I was flung to a world of excitement,
As the waves lashed savagely towards the shore,
My mind totally immersed by the sound of the breakers,
The rising and splashing of the foamy tides,
And the ebbing of the waves,
Lulls me to the sound of rhythm,
Played by nature in an endless tone,
A sound of music, divine in nature,
That never tires or ends even once,
But keeps on and on in a never ending circle,
In perfect harmony with all things in nature,
In perfect contrast to Life,
That was ebbing away,
Never to return.