Poems about nature - A Man Born For Nature

A Man Born For Nature - Poem by Vadakkumpurath Ramesan

He loved the trees
Its green leaves
The branches that form canopy
To the earth and creatures.
He loved his saplings
More than his off-springs
And he nursed and fed
His saplings and stood around
As a guard to protect them.
He shed his hard earned earnings
To nourish and foster
The greenery in and around
The village he dwelled.
He will rush to rescue
A saplings that uprooted
By the whirl wind
And by the cyclone
And nursed the broken
Branches of his saplings.
He was abused, ridiculed
And thrashed by the rustic
Ignorant villagers
As if he is insane
And mad for ignoring
The community and life
And walking away from marriage
And his bonds arising there from.
As the summer face
Became rough and tough
By years that passed
The village felt the oven heat
At the height of summer
And all the rustic
Assembled at the lap of the trees
Fed and fostered by him.
He chanted to them:
Love not man the less
But I loved nature more!