Poems about nature - Fascinated By Nature

Fascinated By Nature - Poem by Ambrosia Ambrosia

What a beautiful, ever unforgettable morning!
Am so excited after a long, long time,
Was never so close to the birds, trees and stream
Amid the lush green rain forest! No less than a paradise.

The colorful birds coming out of their nest,
As if descending from the HIS paradise,
Began their search for food with first ray of
Sunshine, for them a new ray of hope.

The matchless fragrance of wet leaves,
Soaked whole night by the shower in the night
All lying contented and peacefully on the
Coolest earth, without cribbing about their fall!

Tall trees embracing each other,
So tightly as if they have firmly decided
Not to allow the sunrays to enter them
Coz they know that rays will disturb sleeping birds!

Clear stream of water flowing so silently,
Curiously waiting for the birds, animals
Keep on flowing and flowing to keep
Herself crystal clear, devoid of dirt!

Are they all trying to convey a message? Live today.
Never worry about the past, which you can’t change,
Never plan for future, which is not in your hands.
Everyday is a new day; every moment offers a new chance.

Never give up, be cheerful what may come.
Birds never grumble about the gone yesterday,
Flowers never leave fragrance even during the fall,
Stream never stagnates, never allowing the dirt to disturb.

Love you all.....birds, flowers, trees, stream......