Poems about nature - 'Tis Part Of Human Nature

'Tis Part Of Human Nature - Poem by Francis Duggan

I take them as i meet them of people i must say
And if some disrespect me in kind them i repay
Respect me and I'll respect you in that i do believe
'Tis part of human nature to return what you receive.

'Tis part of human nature for to like words of praise
A big boost to the ego and our spirits it does raise
Kinds words they make us happy when nice things one to us say
To feel flattered by the compliment that is our human way.

Some criticisms of us we see as quite unfair
And damage by lies done to one's character is quite hard to repair
Those who tell you that mud sticks are saying what is true
Never lie about another and give everyone their due.

'Tis part of human nature to stick by your own kind
Football fans in art galleries you are not likely to find
You show disrespect to someone that person will not respect you
And what you do to others unto you they will do.