Poems about nature - 982 Nature

982 Nature - Poem by V.. F..

The world is bathed in brilliant sunshine
Warm breezes caress and bring relief
Gently waving each tendril each strand
Bees hum and say keep busy
What do you need out of life but life?
It’s so good to be alive
To be able to see the beauty of God
In each of His creation.
The fragile wings of a tiny butterfly
The delicate texture of a miniature petal
Even the tiniest flower
Is crafted with such patience
Each of God’s creations is unique
For He is the Creator.
Can man with all his knowledge
Boast of anything as beautiful as a simple daisy?
In each perfection He gently tells us
That all we do should be done with our heart
Only then shall we attain true perfection and peace

(24th April 2002)