Poems about nature - A Beautiful Nature

A Beautiful Nature - Poem by Shawn Greyling

Nature paints her so perfectly in the eyes of a boy.
The rain upon her hair and the wind upon my back,
I invision her hand touching my cheek.
The rain washes away ill content and leaves passion
flowing through the open air.
Her soft hair flows through my fingers and i touch her lips with mine.
The colours of the rainbow flows through our veins.
Her breath upon my skin serves my soul to content.
Chaste with passion our hearts beat as one.
The rain beats down and nature wails, wails,
down trees and looks upon her with beautious eyes
as her smile soars upon the wind.

Addicted i am to her aesthetic beauty.
No ill content fills mine thoughts as I
watch, stare, wonder and ponder upon the thought of her.
In nature I found the true beauty of a woman.