Poems about nature - A Dream Of Seeing Nature

A Dream Of Seeing Nature - Poem by sammie(smiley) wood

A women looking out at nature wondering if one day she will see the world
She has always dreamed about seeing all the wonders in life.
Vibrant green trees, peaceful flowing rivers, wide open fields
She dreams of seeing nature and all its beauty every day.
Climbing snowy top mountains, standing in a field of beautiful flowers in all different colors
Hearing the variety of birds chirping, Hearing the wind ruffling the tree tops,
Walking on the fallen leafs and flourishing green grass.
Seeing how the sun's golden rays shine life into every living animal and plant,
Enjoying what nature has to show.
Reality comes back into play
She will never see all that she dreams.
The world now is full of hardship and low incomes
That which makes her see dreams never comes true.
All in all she still looks up into the rich green trees and brilliant blue skies.
She may not be able to all she wants but she can still dream about seeing the world
And all its wonder in nature