Poems about beauty - 0991.Mata Amritanandamayi-Peerless Beauty

0991.Mata Amritanandamayi-Peerless Beauty - Poem by amma and rajappa

Questioner: “Amma, you hug everyone; who hugs you? ”

Amma: “The entire creation hugs amma; Amma and creation are in eternal embrace! ”

Questioner: “Amma, why do you hug people? ”

Amma: the question is like asking the river, “Why do you flow? ”

Thy heart only knowing
The inner secrets of the love
Binding your soul
With Krishna, your great lover
Ears driven by the thirst
For the sound of names divine,
On another day mind so enraptured
Soaring high aligning with the Lord
Mother Sudhamani you heard a melody
Of a song drenched with pathos
You started moving like a bee to a flower
It was the mourning house
With songs of prayer
For quieting the soul in the other world unknown,
You tender hearted slipping all provisions
Migrated into the infinite world
Shedding tears that could dissolve the hearts,
Regained senses after half hour past,
Picking up the groceries
to the extent possible of reconciliation
rushed to the house to be greeted by Damayanti
not with pleasantries but rebukes and hits
that stirred the in animates all around
thrashing you with rod and stick
You mother my heart
You still in a trance deep indrawn,
withstood the pain
Silently and without complaining!

I water the plant of bhakthi elite
With the songs smeared with devotion polite
When shall I get the fruits here?
Is it a day dream of getting butter from water?
Mercy is missing hey Madhava my love
Eat me up with body and soul
To make one inseparable from you!
Is it only for me to show the love?
In the thorn-ridden path of love devotion!

Mother seemed to be recalling the very touching scenes of Her childhood and Her eyes became full of tears.

Mother: once Amma started searching for God, She was writhing in agony till She reached the goal; the tears never stopped; there was no sleep; didn’t She waste another day without knowing the Lord?

There was always the quest, “where are you? Where are you? ”

“Unable to bear the sorrow of not seeing the Lord, She would bite and tear up Her own body. Sometimes She would roll around on the floor, crying out aloud, calling the Lord’s names. She would burst into tears spontaneously. She would not feel like laughing at all.”

“Why should I rejoice without knowing you? Why should I eat when I don’t know you? Why bathe? ”

“Amma got through each day in this manner”

As a tribute to motherhood which Amma symbolizes I wish to present a story from Chatrapathi Shivaji times showing us a sample of what a mother’s love can do:

The Hirkani Buruj (Raigad) , Maharashtra is popular amongst the tourists.

There is a story behind this place naming Hirkani Buruj. The story is - Hirkani was a mother of an infant.

She used to sell milk in the fort. Everyday she used to come to the fort to sell milk and leave before six in the evening; at 6 pm the doors of the fort would be closed; after that nobody could enter or exit.

One day she got late in the fort and the doors were closed, as a result she got stuck in the fort. No one opened the doors for her. Her baby was alone at home. She had to feed the child. She fell at the feet all the security people and pleaded with tears to let her out; but the guards turned down her request as it was against the orders by the king.

The fort was surrounded by Rocky Mountains, forests full of bushes, creepers and poisonous plants. The milkmaid became restless and the determination to reach her child intensified.

As she had no other choice to reach at her baby, she climbed down the fort at night. In that process she got many cuts and bruises. Oblivious of all adversities the thoughts of Her son kept her going. Eventually she succeeded and reached the bottom of the mountain.

Shivaji came to know about this; guards arrested the woman and brought to the king

The king who was embodiment of great wisdom received the milkmaid with great courtesy.

With his palms joined in salutation, he asked, “ Oh mother, if my guards are speaking the truth, show me the place where you managed to climb down? ”

The milkmaid retrieved the pots hidden in the bush and suggested that was the spot.

The king asked “ mother could you show me how you managed to climb down last night? ”

Mother, that milk maid looked down and started trembling, “ no, I cant do it” she cried.

The king said, “ it was your love for your son that gave you the courage and strength to do the impossible! ”

Shivaji then built the Hirkai Buruj on that place and also honored Hirkani.

Pure innocent love makes everything possible.

6 3 2010