Poems about beauty - 093. Winnocks Of Beauty

093. Winnocks Of Beauty - Poem by Praveen Kumar In Shobha Priya

Who is the sculptor, who created this piece?
Who is the creator, who conceived its form,
An object of art that breathes and smiles,
That captures hearts with spell-binding beauty?
In lush flesh and curves, she rouses warmth,
In maddening charm, she drugs the mind;
All that beauty, all worlds can hold,
Why compressed here to create this piece?
How simple men with weak heart and mind
Can resist her endless well of charm?

Every inch and curve, a masterly work,
Every hue and shade, an artistic stroke;
The gleam in eyes, the smile in face,
The youthful warmth all over her body,
The subtle rich rays of love in heart,
Each shocks heart with irresistible thirsts
To drink her charm and drown in day-dreams
And deliquiesce to oblivion in ceaseless pleasure;
She is joy, the ultimate beauty,
The divine light that man seeks to reach.

The nectar of beauty flows from all over her,
Be her shapely young curves or fluid motions,
Be the winks of dazzling eyes or bright hues on cheeks,
Be the heaves of lurking breasts or the breath-taking shapely form,
Each is a perfect piece, each is an artistic fulfilment,
Each is perfect contentment of artistic aspirations;
The smooth lustre of her body, the variegated shades
Of rich transparent hues that flower young beauty,
All are lovely winnocks of her fragrant soul
That sits like queen on that beauty’s splendent throne.

Hark the perfect rhythms of her concinnous body
That brings rare symphony of divine melodies,
Feel the sweet fragrance of her rich bright soul
That creates rhythms and composes melodies;
Is it the same as that grand celestial beauty?
Is she the live-model of the celestial beauty?
What a fine gentle harmony in her soul and body!
What a rare rhythmic tune within and without!
The sparkles of the eyes and dazzles of the smile
How uncover sweet intense expressions of her soul!

Like a quiet lamp, lit in a dark room,
She draws eyes, heart, mind and desires
And impales in her charm, irrestible to bear;
What a fluid lovely charm, spread in the room!
Where everything dissolves like salt in water!
What is there in the flesh, the colours and the form,
What is behind the sparkles of her gentle skin,
What is in the curves and what is in the charm,
What is in eyes and inviting sweet smiles
That make beauty, beauty and soul, spell-binding sweetness?

Is it joy and beauty dissolved to mould her body?
Is it lustre and love dissolved to create her soul?
Is it grace and music dissolved to compose her whole?
Or, were all of them born from her celestial charm?
She is the world of all desires’ fulfilment,
She is the treasure-trove of all artistic pleasures,
The endless fount of feasts of pregnant day-dreams;
Her lurking young riches from sweet hidings tease
The charged imaginations of all beauty-seekers
And she binds the world of love with those lush riches.

She is like a holy temple of beauty,
Where her soul, in holy sanctum sanctorum,
Sits in glory for obeisance of all;
She sends soft lights that blaze in man’s heart
And lights new hopes that refreshes his soul;
The glow of beauty that wraps the sculpted piece,
Its cheeks, its lips, hairlines and breasts,
Each is a wonder of the nature’s splendours
Like the spring’s colours and the winter’s blue sky
Or the full-moon’s soft touches or the morning’s fresh rays.

Her every hair and outline and every eyelash
In its exact place like a sculpted piece,
Her every move and mood and every shade on face
As exactly as it should be in a painter’s dream;
Her every graceful curve and every expression
As conceived by a poet in a great epic;
She is a rare beauty where sensuity and classics blend,
Where desires and peace rise hand in hand,
Where the heat and light of enlightenment grips
And the soul glows in divine passions.