Poems about beauty - 103. Let Every Flower Blossom In Its Own Beauty

103. Let Every Flower Blossom In Its Own Beauty - Poem by Praveen Kumar In Shobha Priya

Let every flower blossom in its own beauty,
Let every soul engage in its own duty,
Let every truth speak in its own bounty;
Let all worlds coalesce in pure grace
Till violence of force mar nature’s own pace.

All is in all in nature’s cosmic field,
Each is in each in nature’s subtle reach;
All are interlinked like plants and seeds
And blossom forth ceaseless in cosmic rhythm
Toward that end where from sprouted space-time.

Nature is beauty in its pristine charm
In harmony with all, within, and calm,
Pure like sunshine, warm like its glow,
And leads all to its goal in moves though slow
In tune with the whole, in tune with all.

Nature is the duty in its basic form,
Devotion is its grain to the cosmic aim;
Steady and ready in every move forward,
It meets every target however be it hard
In consonance with the creative cosmic whole.

Nature is the bounty of its subtle truths,
Of its inner beauty, of its cosmic duty,
Of the bright radiance of its immortal glow
That carries all worlds in a harmonious flow
Till violence of force breach, impart real blow.